Crash Rated Boom Barrier

  • K12 Bollard
  • K4 Bollard

We are India’s first indigenous manufacturer of Drop Arm Crash Barrier (Crash Rated Barrier).

Gajraj 4 has been physically crash rated at Horiba Mira, U.K. according to IWA14-1:2013 standard with less than 1m penetration (Superior to Energy values of ASTM M30 & erstwhile DOS K4 std.) It is a unique product that has successfully stopped both load body and front driver cab within 1m.

Additionally, Gajraj 8 has stopped a 7.2ton truck @ 64 kmph according to IWA14-1:2013 standard (Superior to Energy values of ASTM M40 & erstwhile DOS K8 std).

Available in both Automatic and Manual options, Gajraj series of crash barrier is the ideal choice for installations that requires minimal excavation.

Gajraj 8 Gajraj 4 Test Report

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