- "Swaraj gets PSSA, UK Membership;     Swaraj secures 200 bollards order from Abu Dhabi, UAE;      Swaraj wins ' the most innovative product' award from Secona;      Swaraj creates world's shallowest K4 fixed bollard with 125 mm foundation;     Swaraj secures Kamakshi temple, Kanchipuram;      18 Armed Force Bases secured;      - Conducted 3 additional successful crash tests;      - Successful completion of Africa & Singapore Project;      - Wins world’s largest order of 170 K4 Bollards;     - Wins 42 K8 Crash Barrier order for world’s largest Refinery;     - Rate Contract with India’s leading Hotel Chain signed;     "


M/s Swaraj Secutech Pvt. Ltd is registered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and is promoted by a team of Security Professionals who believe in “Purna Swaraj” which means “from within”. We vouch by our professional competency and integrity.

We take pride in being the first company in India to have designed Crash Bollards which has been physically tested in HORIBA MIRA, UK according to new IWA 14:2013 std impacting a 7.2ton truck @ 48kmph (K4) and 7.2ton truck@ 80kmph(K12).

We also have India's first indigenously manufactured Drop Arm Crash Barriers, which has been physically crash tested at HORIBA MIRA, UK according to IWA 14:2013 std for a 7.2ton truck @ 48kmph (K4) and 7.2ton truck @ 64kmph (K8). Our Crash Rated Tyre Killer is physically crash tested at HORIBA MIRA, UK for 7.2 tom truck wherein all 6 tyres deflated immediately . Based on this knowledge we have engineered computer simulation aided models for other solutions like Road Blockers and Barriers, which are physical test ready as on when our customers demand.

Swaraj Secutech’s systems have been chosen and appreciated by the complete spectrum of stakeholders from the security industry. It includes World’s largest refinery, India’s largest airport, critical Armed Force Bases, India’s largest tunnel and so on.

6*Successful Crash Test
(Bollards, Barriers & Tyre Killer)