Swaraj Secutech: Experts in Flap and Swing Barriers

We prioritize pedestrian traffic safety and management with our robust and efficient flap and swing barriers. Explicitly designed to withstand India's demanding conditions, our products ensure seamless and secure access control in various environments.

Our flap barriers are engineered for performance and reliability. The Flap Barrier SWJ-FB-01/02 is a standout, crafted from a 100% corrosion-free SS 304 body, ensuring durability. This model features an electro-mechanical mechanism and a brushless DC motor, offering maintenance-free lifespan and smooth operation. With a passage width of 550MM or 900MM and a bi-directional operating mode, it accommodates different pedestrian traffic volumes effectively.

These barriers can be interfaced with a PC via RS232, RS485, or TCP-IP connections, providing flexibility in system integration. Importantly, in emergency or power failures, the flap barriers ensure safety by retracting the flaps into the main panel for unrestricted egress.

The Swing Barrier SWJ-SG-01/02 is designed for user-friendly and efficient pedestrian movement control. This model's robust construction features transparent polycarbonate doors with customisable thickness, ensuring both visibility and strength. Its operation is noiseless, suitable for locations where quietness is paramount. The barrier’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by an inbuilt LED and a satin SS finish, making it a preferred choice for architects.

Like our flap barriers, the swing barriers are equipped with an electro-mechanical mechanism and a brushless DC motor. They also offer a bi-directional operating mode with the same passage width options, ensuring they meet a variety of installation requirements.

Why Choose Swaraj Secutech?

Our commitment to innovation and quality makes Swaraj Secutech a trusted name in access control solutions. Each product is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high standards of functionality and security. Our barriers are built to perform reliably in high-traffic conditions, making them ideal for corporate environments, educational institutions, and public transport systems.

Our flap and swing barriers are indispensable for any facility. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, including those from esteemed backgrounds such as the armed forces. Respect and precision are paramount.

Continuing Excellence as a Tradition

At Swaraj Secutech, we are dedicated to providing solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Our track record of successful installations across diverse settings speaks to our ability to adapt and deliver both technologically advanced and user-friendly barrier systems. Whether you are looking to enhance pedestrian traffic security and efficiency or need a customized barrier solution, Swaraj Secutech is your reliable partner in pedestrian access control.