Swaraj Secutech's Turnstile Solutions

At Swaraj Secutech, we understand the critical importance of secure and reliable entry management systems. Our range of turnstiles is engineered with precision, catering specifically to high-security environments requiring robust access control. Here, we introduce our specialized turnstiles, designed for durability and high performance.

Our Stainless Steel Full Height Turnstiles are available in both single lane and dual lane models. They are the epitome of user-friendly, heavy-duty access barriers. Ideal for efficient pedestrian movement control, these turnstiles are designed for easy installation with minimal foundational requirements. They feature bright LED displays and offer various interfacing options, including dry contacts and PC connections via RS232, RS485, or optional TCP-IP. This enhances their operational versatility.

Our Half Height Tripod Turnstiles, including the ECO TRIO SA and the water-resistant ECO TRIO WSA, are designed to meet Indian environments' specific needs. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and boasting a 100% duty cycle, these turnstiles integrate seamlessly with any Access Control System or PC. The drop arm mechanism provides a fail-safe safety solution, ensuring free egress in emergency or power failures. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations without an external canopy.

Why Choose Swaraj Secutech?

We offer custom solutions to meet security-sensitive environments' unique demands. Each product is designed to withstand rigorous use typical of military and other high-security areas, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency. Our turnstiles are more than just entry points; they are an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy that includes detailed access control and emergency response capabilities.

Our installations are backed by extensive experience and a deep understanding of security personnel challenges. This expertise is reflected in the thoughtful design of each turnstile model, which balances security requirements with ease of use and aesthetic considerations.

For those responsible for the safety and security of high-profile venues, government facilities, or military bases, Swaraj Secutech provides not just equipment but a steadfast commitment to security and reliability. Our turnstiles ensure orderly access and egress while maintaining the strictest control standards, which are vital in areas where security cannot be compromised.

Endurance and Integration

Built to endure, our turnstiles feature high-quality materials and robust construction that resists environmental challenges. Seamless integration with existing security frameworks makes our turnstiles a top choice for enhancing facility safety without disrupting established protocols.

Choosing Swaraj Secutech means opting for a secure, controlled environment managed by reliable, top-of-the-line access barriers. Welcome to the next level of security preparedness.