Third Generation Tyre Killer

Swaraj Secutech: Pioneers in Tyre Killer Technology

At Swaraj Secutech, we focus on providing robust security solutions designed with precision to meet the exacting demands of military and strategic installations. Understanding the critical importance of security for our ex and current army personnel, we offer a tailored approach to vehicular control through our advanced crash rated tyre killers.

Our Third Generation Tyre Killer

Our flagship product, the Third Generation Tyre Killer, epitomizes advanced security technology. Built with a unique Fail-Safe Puncture tool made from hardened carbon steel, this hydraulic tyre killer deflates tyres instantaneously upon contact. It effectively neutralizes threats from any vehicle and from any direction, including those equipped with the latest third-generation run-flat tyres.

The crash rated tyre killer offers superior protection for residential areas, commercial areas, and industrial areas. It is easy to install, maintain, and operate, making it the perfect choice for any security-conscious area.

The spikes of the D100 hydraulic tyre killer are meticulously designed to ensure that they puncture tyres from any direction of approach. This feature guarantees that intruding vehicles are stopped irrespective of their angle of entry.

Features of Our Tyre Killers

Durability: All components are rigorously tested and constructed from premium materials to ensure longevity and wear resistance under harsh conditions.

Customization: We recognize the diverse needs of security infrastructure, offering custom configurations to align with your site specifications perfectly.

Tested Protection: Our Tyre Killers have passed the real life test of all tyre punctures of a 7.2ton vehicle at Horiba Mira, UK.

Integration and Installation

We provide a comprehensive service that includes site assessment, system integration, and professional installation. Our hydraulic tyre killers are compatible with existing security setups, ensuring a seamless addition to your security measures.

Commitment to Excellence

While we maintain a humble perspective on our contributions, our commitment to safeguarding the lives and assets of our clients remains paramount. Swaraj Secutech is dedicated to enhancing perimeter security with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.

Choose Security, Choose Swaraj Secutech

We invite you to experience the reliability and strategic advantage of our third generation tyre killer. Protect what matters most with technology that is on the front line of defense. Trust in our expertise to deliver uncompromised security solutions that stand the test of time and threat.