Crash Rated Gates

Reliable Security with Swaraj Secutech's Crash-Rated Sliding Gates

Swaraj Secutech understands the critical need for security in sensitive environments. For industrial, commercial, and defense establishments, our RAKSHAK series sliding gates offer robust protection when you require hostile vehicle protection along with crowd control.

RAKSHAK 4 sliding gates are tested thoroughly to ensure they are safe against vehicular threats. Impact tested by HORIBA MIRA in the UK to meet IWA 14:1 2013 specifications, this gate halts a fully laden 7.2-ton truck traveling at 48 km/h with zero penetration. The K4 crash-rated sliding gate's design includes optional NIJ III ballistic cladding, making it a solid barrier against both physical and ballistic threats.

For locations requiring even higher security, the RAKSHAK 12 provides an exemplary level of protection. Successfully engineered to stop a 7.2-ton truck at 80 km/h, this K12 crash-rated sliding gate combines durability and functionality, ensuring high-threat areas are secured. Like the RAKSHAK 4, it also offers optional ballistic protection for comprehensive security measures.

Designed for Durability and Ease of Use

Designed for harsh tropical climates, both gate models have galvanized components to resist rust. These gates can be operated manually or with state-of-the-art Gate Motors thereby, ensuring reliability and ease of use in all conditions.

Customizable to Your Specific Needs

The security needs of each site are unique. With Swaraj Secutech gates, you can customize the gate length and height according to your needs and the same is then produced to perfection.

Why Choose Swaraj Secutech?

Proven Track Record: With numerous successful installations across diverse high-risk locations, our gates have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in providing maximum security.

Customization and Flexibility: Tailor your security solutions with our customizable gate features, including size adjustments and additional protective options.

Expert Installation and Support: Our experienced team ensures seamless installation and operational training, backed by responsive support and maintenance services.

Dedicated Design Team: Dedicated Design resource working on Solid Works and Auto Cad software ensures seamless conversion of your ideas into the desired solution.