Crash Rated Bollards

Understanding High Security Crash Rated Bollards

Bollards contribute to guiding the flow of traffic while maintaining security against unwarranted intrusion of vehicles. The type of bollard that has been physically tested to stop an impact in the third-party independent laboratory is called Crash Rated Bollard. The testing can be done according to the American ASTM standards wherein a truck of 6.8ton truck is impacted at 48 Km/hr (M30/K4) or at 64 Km/hr(M40/K8), or 80 Km/hr(M50/K12) or an European standard that caters to heavier trucks. The standards in Europe are either PAS 68 (deploying a 7.5-ton truck) or IWA 14: 2013 (deploying a 7.2-ton truck), or the recent ISO 22343-1 standard. An ideal result is to stop the impact with a penetration of less than 1m.

Types of Bollards

At Swaraj Secutech, your safety and security are our prime concerns, and we offer our customers a diversified range of bollards that meet their specific needs. Bollards can be used for traffic regulation or anti-vehicle intrusion. From crowd and traffic management by our ST4 model of Traffic bollards to high-security installations by our S4/S8/S12 model of Crash Rated Bollards, we cover the entire spectrum.

Swaraj Secutech's

Crash-Rated Bollards: Your Ultimate Shield

Priding at the very top of our offerings, are the crash-rated bollards. It epitomizes fortified security. Made to absorb high-impact collisions, the bollards offer unswerving security against any form of hostile vehicle attack, thereby becoming indispensable for critical infrastructure use, government facilities, and embassies, as well as high-profile venues.

  • Customized Solutions​
  • Reliability & Durability
  • Seamless Integration
  • Aesthetics Meet Security​

Why Choose Swaraj Secutech's Crash-Rated Bollards?

Impregnable Security:

Swaraj takes pride in being the first company in India to have designed and manufactured a Crash Rated Bollard. All of them have been tested according to latest IWA 14-1:2013 standard against a 7.2-ton truck @48Km/hr(M30/K4), @64Km/hr (M40/K8) & @ 80Km/hr (M50/K12). All intrusions of the above tests have been stopped within an impregnable range of 1m.

Reliability and Durability:

The bollards are made from Best in Class quality materials. The structural strength, along with the Hydraulics, are precision-engineered for reliable operation in the most unforgiving of environments. With MTBF of more than 10 million operations, Swaraj ensures excellent durability of all its products.

Aesthetics Meet Security:

Our bollards are crash-rated and designed with the environment for aesthetic provision and security. These bollards come with RAL-painted sleeves or stainless steel sleeve body exteriors to enhance aesthetics without compromising safety. In addition, a bright LED top cover adds a hint of refinement to visibility, even in low light.

Seamless Integration:

Our Crash-Rated Bollards are equipped with PLC-based, in-built control panels to interface conveniently with any access control system. This integration helps to maximize the efficiency of your security system through central control and monitoring. From commercial complexes to government facilities, clients across the globe have trusted us with their asset protection.

Customized Solutions:

We never apply a universal solution to the diversity of your security challenges. With our company, you will always have the assurance of getting crash-rated bollards customized according to what your infrastructure needs for protecting your perimeter.

Perfect Installation:

With more than 2000 installations worldwide, we take pride in offering the perfect installation by our highly experienced teams. We strive hard to maintain the balance between the aesthetics of your choice and security for your needs, making your premises enjoy unchallenged and continued protection.

Built to Endure:

At Swaraj Secutech, we understand the importance of endurance in critical security infrastructures. All the components of our crash-rated bollards are thereby fully galvanized for corrosion resistance. It ensures all-weather functionality even under the most hostile tropical climates. You can trust our bollards to withstand the test of time while maintaining their integrity and performance.

Product Offerings:

Full spectrum of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions are offered by us that includes 13 Horiba Mira, UK certified crash tested products. From Automatic Bollards to Fixed bollards to Crash barriers to Road blockers we are sanguine that our product offering will meet all your security needs.