Rakshak 4 - Crash Rated Sliding Gate

Understanding the RAKSHAK 4 Crash-Rated Sliding Gate

The RAKSHAK 4 sliding gate is designed for maximum security in industrial, commercial, and defense environments. This crash-rated sliding gate provides a reliable barrier against vehicular threats by combining advanced technology and rigorous safety standards. The RAKSHAK 4 sliding gate features a unique dual-rail system that offers excellent stability and prevents pushing over. Its robust design also makes it ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

  • Model Number: Rakshak 4

  • Rating: IWA 14-1:2013 GATE V/7200 [N2A] /48/90:0.0

K4/M30 Crash Rated Gate (RAKSHAK 4) Test at HORIBA MIRA, U.K

Features of Rakshak 4

Proven Protection:

RAKSHAK 4 gates have been extensively tested and certified in accordance with IWA 14:1 2013. With zero penetration, it has stopped a fully laden 7.2-ton truck at 48 km/h (Superior to energy values of ASTM M30 & erstwhile DOS K4 std). It thereby ensures that vehicle threats are neutralized before they could breach the perimeter. The system is designed to protect critical assets, as well as people and property. It is suitable for both permanent and temporary installations and is easy to maintain and even relocate.

Advanced Operational Features:

A heavy duty gate automation system powered by a Variable Frequency Drive ensures that RAKSHAK 4 is reliable and easy to use. Our Control card integrates seamlessly with all existing access control systems. You also have the option to add an extra layer of defense against ballistic threats by adding optional NIJ III ballistic cladding on our gates.

Durability in Harsh Environments:

A galvanized finish protects all components of the RAKSHAK 4 gate against corrosion under extreme climatic conditions. By paying attention to durability we ensure that our gates remain functional and intact in harsh environments.

Customization for Specific Needs:

RAKSHAK 4 can be customized to meet the security requirements of any installation, regardless of the site conditions or security level. Its adaptability allows it to be tailored to all security needs that are unique to each facility.