Movable Vehicular Barrier - Shikhar

Swaraj Secutech’s Movable Vehicular Barrier (Model : Shikhar) prevents intruding vehicles from entering a forbidden area. The path breaking design of the barrier is completely modular in nature and requires no foundation. Made from High grade Carbon Steel, these barriers are certified to PAS 68 std and impact tested against a 7500 kg truck @ 48kmph at Horiba Mira, UK. The barrier was successful in bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. The greatest virtue of the barrier is its design which enables individual barrier units to get fitted together in record time and protect varying width of entrances.

  • Model Number: SHIKHAR

  • Rating: PAS68 : 2013 Barrier V/7500(N2)/48/90:26.5/0.0

  • Impact Load: 7.5 TON @ 48 KMPH

Movable Vehicular Barrier MVB (Model: Shikhar) stops 7.2 ton truck @48kmph.